Panchanga Shravanam 2022-2023 | Ugadi Mundane Astrology Predictions 2022-2023

Panchanga Shravanam 2022-2023, Ugadi Mundane Astrology Predictions 2022-2023. Here is the Ugadi Panchanga Sravanam 2021-2022 and Mundane astrology predictions for Shubhakruth nama samvatsaram. Ugadi, Telugu New Year and Kannada New Year day or the first day in Chaitra month, onsets the New Year for Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. 2022 Ugadi is known as Sri […]

Ugadi Significance & Symbolism, Telugu New Year & Kannada New Year

Ugadi, the nuthana samvatsaradhi or the New Year Day, is celebrated on Chaitra Shudda Pratipada or the first day of Chaitra Masam (Chait month) in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. There is a great significance and cultural importance behind celebrating Telugu New Year and Kannada New Year on Chaitra Pratipada. This day is also celebrated as […]

Ugadi 2022 Kannada Greeting cards Printable and e-greetings

Ugadi is the biggest Kannada festival celebrated with utmost enthusiasm in Karnataka and all across the world where Kannada people live. To send Ugadi 2022 greeting online (e-greeting cards) for free and to get printable Ugadi Kannada greeting cards, then you can get them here. You can browse the designs provided in the website link […]