Tumburu Teertham Mukkoti at Tirumala, 6 April 2023

Tumburu Teertham Mukkoti at Tirumala was celebrated on 6 April 2023. Tumburu Teertham mukkoti will be observed with religious pomp and gaiety in Tirumala on 6 April 2023 with hundreds of devotees trekking the steep hills of Seshachala to reach the holy waterfalls located in the thick green forests in Tirumala. The devotees will be […]

Tumburu Theertham

Tumburu Theertham

The famous Tumburu Theertham is located a few kilometres far away from Tirumala, and as per legend, once the great gandharva, Tumburu has cursed his wife for her laziness, and as per his curse, his wife has become a toad,and she was living in the pond for a long time.The great Sage Agasthya had once […]

Tumburu Teertha Mukkoti Arrangements

The TTD has rolled out all measures for smooth and colourful conduct of Sri Thumburu theertham Mukkoti Festival falling on the pournami day of Phalguni month in the advent of Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra, on March 20, 2019. Keeping in view the heavy influx of devotees for the torrent festival, TTD has made elaborate arrangements from […]