10 Richest Temples in India | List of Ten Richest Indian Temples

With the latest discovery of over 1 lakh crore treasures in Thiruvananthapuram Anantha Padmanabhaswamy Temple of Kerala, the list of the richest temples in India has become the buzzword in the internet. Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple tops the list with huge treasures found in the underground cellars of the temple by proving again that Lord Vishnu […]

Kalabham, Karkkidaka Seeveli Perunthiramruthu Pooja in Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Thiruvananthapuram

Karkidakam Kalabham is a six day festival organized prior to Karkidaka masam in Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Thiruvananthapuram. Karkkidaka Seeveli Perunthiramruthu Pooja in this temple attracts thousands of devotees. Devotees offer special pujas to Lord Anantha Padmanabha. In 2011, Karkkidaka Seeveli Perunthiramruthu Pooja dates are – 11 July to 16 July. With the recent discovery of treasures […]

32000 crores worth of treasure found in Thiruvananthapuram Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple

Approximately 5,000  32,000 50,000 90,000 crore of worth of treasure was found in Thiruvananthapuram Anantha Padmanabha swamy temple which is run by Travancore royal lineage. By the Supreme Court orders, six cellars of the temple were opened one by one. The officials completed the task of opening underground rooms and listing out the assets and valuables […]