Chandrashtama – Importance of Chandrashtama

Chandrashtama (Chandrashtama day) means a day when the Moon is transiting through the eight house (Ashtama Sthana) to your Rashi (Moon sign) as per Hindu Astrology. The entire two and half days of moon’s transit from the eighth sign is referred to as Chandrashtama days for the particular Rashi / native. This word is primarily formed by […]

Taarabalam – Important Factor for Muhurthams

Taarabalam, what is Taarabalam, why Taarabalam calculated? Importance of Taarabalam in Muhurthams, Significance of Taarabalam in Hindu Astrology is explained here.. Taarabalam is an important factor for fixing a Muhurtham. Based on the native’s nakshatra, Taarabalam also differs. There will be nine types of taarabalam for an individual’s nakshatra. Literally, ‘Taarabalam’ is the strength of […]