Ratha Saptami 2022 | Ratha Saptami Vrat

Ratha Saptami is one of the biggest festivals observed during Magh month. It is celebrated on Magh Shukla Saptami. In 2022, Ratha Saptami date is February 7. Ratha Saptami festival is dedicated to Surya bhagwan and the Lord is worshipped for better health and wellbeing. It falls on the second day after Vasant Panchami or […]

Radha Saptami Stotram, Ratha Saptami Prayer | Slokam to Surya Bhagwan

Radha Saptami, popularly known as Ratha Saptami, is the festival to celebrate Surya Jayanti. On Radha Saptami, performing ceremonial bath in holy rivers like Ganga, Godavari, Yamuna, Narmada, Cauvery, Krishna, etc. is considered as auspicious. While ritual bath on Ratha Saptami, devotees recite the mantra given below: – Ratha Saptami Snan Mantram: Yadhaa janma krutham […]

Surya Jayanti 2021 | Magh Saptami 2021

Surya Jayanti, also known as Ratha Saptami or Saur Saptami or Achala Sapthami, is observed on Magh Shukla Saptami day. In 2021, Surya Jayanti date is February 19. This festival is popularly celebrated as Ratha Saptami and also marks the birthday of Lord Surya. Surya Bhagwan was born to sage Kashyapa and his wife Aditi […]

Surya Jayanti TTD Temples – 12 February 2019

All the sub-temples under the umbrella of TTD have been geared up to observe the Radha Sapthami, the festival of Surya Jayanthi in a ceremonial manner on 12 February 2019, with religious fervour. Akin to Tirumala, in Sri Govinda Raja Swamy temple will take ride on Saptha Vahanams from morning to evening on Suryaprabha, Hamsa, […]

Ratha Saptami Live Online from Tirumala Temple, TTD Surya Jayanti Celebrations

TTD to telecast Ratha Saptami live online through the official website of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam’s Sri Venkateswara Bhakti Channel (SVBC). In 2018, Ratha Saptami date is Janaury 24. Also known as Sury Jayanti, Ratha Saptami is considered as Ardha Brahmotsavam of Tirumala Temple. Lord Malayappa Swamy (the Utsava vigraham of Balaji) is taken out in […]

Ratha Saptami, 17 February 2013

Today, 17 February 2013 is Ratha Saptami, Vidhan Saptami, Achala Saptami, Bhanu Saptami, Arogya Saptami, Surya Jayanti, Vaivasvata Manvadi, Surya Chandra Vrata, Martand Tirthyatra, TTD (Tirumala Tirupati) Ardha Brahmotsavam. Ratha Saptami is observed on the seventh day (Saptami) in Shukla Paksha (bright half) of Magha Month. Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Brahmotsavam is being held during Ratha […]

Ratha Saptami, Surya Jayanti Festival in Tirumala Tirupati Venkateshwara Temple

Ratha Saptami or Radhasaptami, also known as Surya Jayanti, is observed on Magha Shukla Saptami. At Tirumala Tirupati Balaji temple, Ratha Saptami festival is a grand event which attracts tens of thousands of devotees. On this day, the presiding deity of Lord Malayappa Swamy along with his divine consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi are taken to […]

Ratha Saptami, 30 January 2012

Today, 30 January 2012 is Ratha Saptami, Surya Jayanti, Vidhan Saptami, Achala Saptami, Saur Saptami or Maghi Saptami. It is the birthday of Surya Bhagavan, who is considered as ‘Prathyaksha Narayana’ (the God whom we can see and worship directly). Ratha Saptami is celebrated as Ardha Brahmotsavam in Tirumala Tirupati Venkateswara Swamy. Devotees can have […]

Ratha Saptami 2011 at Tirumala Tirupati Srivari Temple – Artha Brahmotsavam 2011

Ratha Saptami or Surya Jayanti, also known as Artha Brahmotsavam, is a grand festival celebrated with utmost gaiety at Tirumala Tirupati Srivari Temple. Ratha Saptami or Surya Jayanti 2011 date is February 10. On the festival day, Lord Malayappa Swamy is taken out for a procession on seven different Vahanams along the Tiru Mada Veedhi […]