VaraLakshmi Vratha Katha | Legend or Story of Vara Lakshmi Vratam

Varalakshmi Vratha Katha, Legend, Story of Vara Laxmi Vratram is explained here. Vara Laxmi Vrata is observed on the Friday which comes before Shravan Purnima during Shravan month. Charumathi, a Brahmin woman lived in a town, Kundina. She was very humble and kind in her nature. She was very much devoted to her husband and […]

Varalakshmi Vratha Katha in Telugu | Story of Varalakshmi Vratam in Telugu

Varalakshmi Vratam, the most popular vratam dedicated to Goddess Varalakshmi, is observed on the Friday or Shukravaram which comes before Shravana Purnima or Full Moon day in Shravana masam. The story of Varalakshmi vratam or varalakshmi vratha katha is associated with a Brahmin woman called Charumathi who lived in Kundina town of Magadha kingdom. Here […]