Vindyavasini Durga Puja, Vindhyavasini Durga Pooja

Vindyavasini Puja or Goddess Vindhyavasini Pooja is observed on Sashti in first half of Jyeshta month. This day is dedicated to Mata Vindhyavasini, one of the incarnations of Goddess Shakti. Date of Vindyavasini Puja – When is Vindhya Vasini Pooja Observed Vindyavasini Durga Puja is observed in Jyeshta mas, the sixth day (Sashti) in second […]

Vat Savitri Vratam 2020 | Savitri Amavasya & Vat Purnima Vrat dates

Vat Savitri Vrata is observed by women on Purnima (full moon day) in Jyeshta mas. This day is also called as Vat Savitri Purnima or Vat Purnima. Vat Savitri Vrata is a ritual and custom performed by every married woman for her husbands well-being and long life. In some areas, Vat Puja is also observed […]

Rambha Tritiya Vrata | Observance of Rambha Tritiya Fast in Jyeshta Month

Rambha Tritiya is observed on the third day (Tadiya) in first phase (Shukla Paksha) during the month of Jyeshta as per the traditional lunar calendar. When is Rambha Tritiya Vratam observed in 2020 In 2020, Rambha Tritiya Vratam falls on May 25. Significance and Importance of Rambha Tritiya Vrat According to the Puranas, Rambha Tritiya […]

Savitri Chaturdashi Puja, Sabitri Chaturdasi Vrata in Bengal

Savitri Chaturdashi Puja or Sabitri Chaturdasi Pooja is observed especially in Bengal. Savitri Chaturdashi is an auspicious festival celebrated on the Chaturdasi day in Jyeshta month as per traditional Bengali Calendar. Savitri Chaturdasi 2019 date.. Importance, Legend and Merits of Savitri Chaturdashi Sabitri Chaturdashi is a festival of married women. On this day, married women […]

Jalakrida Ekadashi, Ekadasi dedicated to Lord Jagannath

Jalakrida Ekadashi is also observed as Apara Ekadashi or Achala Ekadasi or Vaishakha Vadi Ekadasi or Bhadrakali Ekadasi. Jalkrida Ekadashi is dedicated to the Lord Jagannath (Lord Vishnu) in Orissa. Jalakrida Ekadashi is celebrated with utmost devotion in Puri Lord Jagannath Mandir in Orissa. When is Jalakrida Ekadasi observed in 2017 Jalakrida Ekadasi is observed on […]