Shri Shri Mahayantram

Shri Shri Mahayantram is an important, auspicious and powerful Yantra. It is known as the symbol of Mother Goddess (Para Shakti – Lalita Tripura Sundari / Sri Rajarajeshwari Mata). Nowadays, most of the devotees installing Shri Shri Mahayantram at their home. It blesses the performer / devotee with peace, happiness, authority, power, wealth and prosperity. […]

Navratri October 2013 dates


Navratri October 2013 dates, Navratri October 2013 calendar, schedule of Navratri 2013 is given here.. Sharad Navratri is the most auspicious period of 9 days for Goddess Durga Puja. Navratri begins on the first day of Ashwin Month Shukla Paksha and concludes on the ninth day. It starts with Ghatasthapana (Kalasha Sthapana) and ends with […]