Shiva Dolotsavam, a ritual of Gauri Tritiya Vrata

Sowbhagya Gauri Vrata┬áis also performed by childless women who want to be blessed with children. Shiva Dolotsavam is the ritual to perform by childless women. In 2020, Shiva Dolotsavam date is March 27. Shiva Dolotsavam or Sri Ram Dolotsav is observed on the day of Gauri Tritiya (Chaitra Shudda Thadiya). What is Shiva Dolotsav? In […]

Shiva Shayana Vrata | Siva Sayana Vratam (Shiva Dolotsavam)


Shiva Shayana Vrata or Shiva Sayanotsav is an auspicious vrata observed to mark the Yoganidra (meditative sleep) of Lord Shiva for four holy months, Chaturmas. Shiva Shayan Vrata begins on Ashada Purnima, the day which is also celebrated as Vyas Purnima or Guru Purnima. Shiva Sayana Vratam is a main festival for Shaiva sect of […]