Vijayadasami Mahotsav 2022 in Kanpur (Ramlila for Dussehra)


Vijayadasami Mahotsav 2022 in Kanpur is organised by the one of the oldest Ramlila committees in Uttar Pradesh. In 2022, Navratri begins on September 26 and ends on 5 October. ‘Vijayadasami Mahotsav’ organised by a nearly 140-year-old Ramlila committee will begin in Kanpur from September, giving start to the festive season this month and next […]

Ramlila 2017 | Ramleela during Sharad Navratras

Ramlila, also spelt as Ramleela, is a folk drama to display the legend of Ramayana. Ramlila is celebrated during Durga Sharad Navratras. In 2017, Ramleela starts on September 21 and ends on September 30 with Vijayadashami, the culmination day of Navaratri. It is very popular celebration of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and some other parts […]

Watch New Delhi Ramlila Maidan Ravan Dahan 2014 Live Online

You can watch New Delhi Ramlila Maidan Ravan Dahan, Kumbakarna Dahan and Indrajeet Dahanotsav Live online. In 2014, it is performed on October 3rd, Vijaya Dashami day. As Lord Rama became victorious by killing the demons Ravan, Kumbakaran and Indrajeet, this dahanotsav is held as a commemoration of victory of good over evil. Watch Ramlila […]

Ramayana stage production in Seattle, USA

Welcoming the ambitious theater production “Ramayana” formally opening in Seattle (USA) on October 18, Hindus hope that this stage version would stay true to the story and the spirit of their ancient Sanskrit sacred scripture. Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that Ramayana was a highly revered scripture […]

Ramlila in English for Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010

Ramlila, the popular art form organized during Navratri festival in Delhi, will also be performed in English for Commonwealth Games 2010. Ramlila 2010 starts on October 8th and ends on October 17th with Dasshera. It is all set to entertain the Commonwealth Games tourists with our own traditional art forms. It is also a good […]