Govatsa Dwadashi 2022 | Nandini Vrat

Govatsa Dwadashi (Nandini Vrat) is observed on Krishna paksha Dwadashi in Kartik Month as per North Indian calendars. In 2022, Govatsa Dwadasi date is October 22. As per other calendars, this festival falls on Krishna Dwadasi day in Ashwin month. This fast observed by women for longer life of their sons. The legend and the […]

Vagh Baras 2022 | Wagh Baaras Festival in Gujarat

Vagh Baras (Wagh Baaras) is observed on Dwadasi day in second half of Aso month. In 2022, Vagh Baras date is October 22. Vagh Baras is also referred as Govatsa Dwadashi and Guru Dwadasi. In Gujarati language, Vagh means repaying ones financial debts. On this day people clear their khata (ledgers) and enter into new […]

Nandini Vrat, 12 November 2020

12 November 2020 is Nandini Vrat. It is observed on Krishna Paksha Dwadashi in Kartik Month as per North Indian Hindi calendars and it coincides with Ashwin Month according to Marathi, Telugu, Kannada & Gujarati calendars. The legend and the significance of Govatsa Dwadasi vrata are mentioned in the Bhavishya Purana. This vrat katha is […]

Nandini, the Holy Cow | Daughter of Kamadhenu

Nandini is the holy cow, and she is the daughter of the divine cow “KAMADHENU”. She was mentioned in ancient Vedas and Upanishads and she was highly praised for granting all types of necessary things in our life. During the Treta Yuga, she was owned by Rishi Vashista, and she gave milk to him for […]