Auspicious days for Magha Nakshatra natives in 2023

The list of auspicious days, dates & time for Magha nakshatra natives in 2023 is given here. Makam or Makham or Magha is the tenth Nakshatra among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu Astrology. On these given dates, Magha nakshatra natives can do auspicious things viz. starting new ventures, meeting clients for business, beginning new educational courses, […]

Magha Nakshatra 2023-2024 Predictions | Magam Nakshatram

Magha Nakshatra 2023-2024 Predictions, Magam Nakshatram 2023-2024 predictions, How will be 2023-2024 for Magha Nakshatra natives? Makha Nakshatra is the Nakshatra of Ketu graham. It is ruled by Ashivins (Ashvini Gods). These people will take suggestions from all, finally implement their own idea. Will lead life very joyfully. Magha Nakshatra is referred to as Makam […]

Magha Nakshatra 2023 dates, Timings | Makam star

Magha Nakshatra 2023 dates, Timings (Makam star in 2023)… Magha Nakshatra / Makha Nakshatra / Makam Nakshatra / Magam Nakshatra / is the 10th among the 27 Nakshatras in Hindu astrology. The dates are given for Magha nakshatra natives because it is considered inauspicious to perform any auspicious deed on their birth star (Janm nakshatra). Masi […]

मघा नक्षत्र फलम 2022-23 | मघा नक्षत्र भविष्य 2022-2023

मघा नक्षत्र सनातन ज्योतिष क्षेत्र की २७ नक्षत्र चक्र में दसवाँ नक्षत्र है | नक्षत्र के अनुसार सिंह राशि: मघा नक्षत्र का चारों चरण; पूर्व फाल्गुनी नक्षत्र का चारों चरण; उत्तर फाल्गुनी नक्षत्र का प्रथम चरण| मघा नक्षत्र भविष्य अप्रैल 2022 बॉस के द्वारा आपको एक चेतावनी मिलने की आशंका है| आपको इस माह अस्त्र […]