Dwarf in Hinduism

According to our Hindu Holy Texts, there are certain dwarfs, who are considered as the aspects of the god. Once there lived a dwarf demon,and he has shown lot of ignorance and lack of faith on god, and his name is Muyalakan. In order to remove his ignorance and to inculcate bhakti on his soul, […]

Vamana Jayanti 2023 | Vamana Jayanthi


Vamana Jayanti celebrates the birthday or Appearance day of Lord Vamana, the fifth and the dwarf incarnation of Lord Vishnu. In 2023, Vamana Jayanthi is September 26. Vamana Jayanthi is observed on Shukla Dwadashi during Bhadrapada month (August – September). Vamana Stotram is recited during the Vamana Jayanti. Vamana Jayanti is celebrated with utmost devotion […]

Vamana Avatar: Lord Vishnu’s Fifth incarnation


Lord Vishnu appeared before generous King Mahabali in the form Vamana, saying that he was a famished Brahmin and desired a piece of land. At this, the king generously obliged Vamana to have as much land as he wanted in his kingdom. Vamana made a witty retort by saying that he wanted land area covered by […]

Why Lord Vishnu incarnated as Vamana?

Bali vamana story

Lord Vishnu incarnated as Vamana or the ‘midget incarnation’ during the Thretha Yuga (The second leg of Manvantara) and before the occurrence of the great Ramayana. He incarnated during the time of Emperor Mahabali (also known as Maveli or Bali). This is the first incarnation of Lord Vishna in full human form. Present Kerala (a […]

Vamana Stotram: Mantra or Prayer to worship Lord Vamana

Vamana Stotram is a prayer or mantra of three slokas to worship, praise and please Lord Vamana. Vamana Stotram is recited during the festivals of Vamana Jayanti, Vamana Dwadashi, Bali Padyami and Thiru Onam. Vamana Stotram: Yagnesa yagna purushachyutha theerthapada, Theerthasrava sravana mangala namadheya, Aapanna loka vrjinopasamodhayadhya, Sam na krudheesa bhagawannasi dheena nadha //1// Viswaya […]

Vamana Jayanthi 2011, Lord Vaman Jayanti

Vamana Jayanthi is the first appearance day of Lord Vamana, the 5th and the dwarf avatar of Lord Vishnu. Vamana Jayanthi 2011 date is September 8. This is the first complete human incarnation of Sri Maha Vishnu.  It is observed on Shukla paksha Dwadashi (12th day in bright half) of Bhadrapad month. This festival is different […]