Works of Abhinavagupta

One of India’s greatest philosopher, aesthetician, poet, dramatist, theologian and logician – an all rounder for time immemorial is Abhinavagupta. Born in a family of scholars and mystics, during his time phase Abhinavagupta had completed over 35 works based on devotion, religion, philosophy, drama and poems. The most notable and all time famous work being […]

Abhinavagupta: Lord Shiva’s ardent devotee

Abhinavgupta, a single worded title more than the name that was conferred upon a person by is masters signifying proficiency and trustworthiness, was born in a Brahmin family belonging to Kashmiri Pundit Kaul clan. It is an original name was not known to anyone. Raniero Gnoli, a Sanskrit scholar known for completing a translation on […]

Thiru Neelakanta Nayanar, Lord Shiva’s ardent devotee

If we explore the histories of ardent devotees of Lord Shiva we find a name Thiru Neela Kanda Nayanar who had dedicated entire of his life to Lord Shiva. He was a potter made begging bowls and gave these bowls to other devotees of Lord Shiva. We also know Lord Shiva by his one more […]