Vaidya Narayana, Apath Narayana & Daridra Narayana

Who is Vaidya Narayana, Apath Narayana & Daridra Narayana? Narayana is not a person.┬áNarayana is the consciousness which is present in the human nervous system. Narayana is made up of light; a body that is made up of light. When you become totally hollow and empty, you incorporate that light body within you, and that […]

Lord Vishnu (Narayana, Keshava): Who is Lord Vishnu?

lord-vishnu's 24 avataras

Lord Vishnu is one of the Supreme God in Hinduism. The Lord is affiliated as Bhagavan belong to the category of Trimurti. The abode of this particular Lord is Vaikuntha and Ksheera Sagara. The mantra related to this Lord is ‘Om Namo Narayanaya’, ‘Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya’, ‘Om Vishnave Namaha’. Sudarshana Chakra and the Kaumodaki […]