Shiva Vishwaroopa Vinayaka (Khairatabad Ganesh 2014 idol)

‘Shiva Vishwaroopa Vinayaka’ is the theme of Khairatabad Ganesh 2014 idol for Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. For 2014 Vinayaka Chavithi, the Khairatabad Ganesh Utsava Samithi is celebrating 60th year of Diamond Jubilee Utsavams. On this grand occasion, the Samithi has picked up the theme of ‘Sakutumba Saparivara Sametha – Shiva Paraivaram’. The mammoth setting of the […]

Khairatabad Ganesh 2012 pictures, images, photos

Here are the pictures or images or photos of Khairatabad Ganesh idol 2012 for Ganesh Chaturthi utsavam. We have updated more images as we have the pictures from our sources. These are the images taken from cameras on 19 September 2012 on the occasion of Vinayaka Chavithi. Khairatabad mammoth Ganesh idol is of 56-feet height […]

Making of Khairatabad Ganesh 2014 from Khairatabad Ganesh Website

Khairatabad Ganesh 2014, the huge 60-feet Ganapathi idol in Hyderabad, will be made by nearly 125 workers for more than 50 days. Bhumi Puja (Karra Pooja) for Khairatabad Ganesha idol 2014 was performed on 24th May amidst the Veda Mantras and the slogans of ‘Ganapathi Bappa Moriya’. This year (2014-2015) Khairatabad Ganesh Utsava Samithi will be […]

Ananta Padmanabha swamy Idol at Khairatabad Vinayaka Mandapam

Ananta Padmanabha swamy idol is another attraction at Khairatabad Vinayaka Mandapam for Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in 2011. As Anantapadmanabha swamy temple of Thiruvananthapuram has become the richest temple in the world, Khairatabad Ganesh Utsava committee has decided to make an idol of Lord Vishnu’s form in one of their two side attractions at the mandapam. […]

Khairatabad Ganesha is Garuda Vahana Vishnurupa Ganapati this year

The popular Khairatabad Ganesha, Hyderabad, will have a unique look for Ganesh Chaturthi 2011. Referred to as Garuda Vahana Vishnurupa Ganapathi, the mammoth Ganesha idol is getting final touches for Vinayaka Chavithi. The height of the idol will be 53-feet, the tallest Ganesh statue in Hyderabad & Secunderabad twin cities. As the idol is made […]