Krittika Nakshatra 2023 dates, Timings | Karthigai Nakshatra

Krittika, also spelt as Krutthika nakshatram or Karthigai Nakshatram, is the third nakshatram among 27 birth stars in Hindu Astrology. Krittika is the birth star of Lord Murugan (Subramanya swamy) hence Subramanya puja or Skanda puja is the most auspicious puja to perform on this day. Aadi Krithigai is one of the big festivals in […]

Child Birth in Krittika Nakshatra (Karthigai, Kaarthika)

What is the effect of child birth in Krittika Nakshatra, Karthigai, Kaarthika star? Is Krittika Nakshatram good for child birth? The impact of baby birth on Krittika Nakshatra’s 1st Pada (Quarter), 2nd Pada, 3rd Pada and 4th Pada?.. Here is the detailed analysis on the effects of Child birth on Krittika Nakshatra….  The birth of a child in […]

Krittika Nakshatram, Karthigai Nakshatra or Krittikai Birth Star Constellation

Krittika Nakshatram or Kruthika Nakshatra or Krittikai Nakshatram is the third nakshatra or birth star constellation among 27 Nakshatras in Hindu Astrology. Krittika nakshatra belongs to Mesha Rashi (Aries zodiac sign) and some padas of the the nakshatram belong to Vrushabha Rashi (Taurus zodiac sign). This post is the sequel of the previous post on […]