Dashain Ghatasthapana 2022 Muhurat | Auspicious Time for Ghatasthapana in Nepal

Dashain Ghatasthapana 2022, Time of Dashain Ghatasthapana in Nepal on 26 September 2022.. Ghatasthapana, installing ghata for Durga puja, marks the beginning of Dashain festival in Nepal. In 2022, Dashain Ghatasthapana date is September 26. On this day, devotees plant seeds for Jamara. Barley, wheat, corn and rice are planted in a sand-filled pot. It […]

Kalash Sthapana or Ghat Sthapana for Durga Pooja

Kalash Sthapana or Ghat Sthapana is the initiation of Durga Pooja during Durga Navratri. Kalash sthapana is performed on the next day to Mahalaya Amavasya or on First day (Padyami / Prathami) during Durga puja. Kalash Sthapana 2016 date or Ghatasthapana 2016 date is October 1 / October 2. Kalash Sthapan Puja steps – How […]

Kalasha Sthapana – First Day event during Durga Navarathri

Kalasha Sthapana is the very first event on the first day of Durga Navratri. Kalasha Sthapana is also called as ‘Ghata Sthapana’. In 2020, Kalasha Sthapana or Padyami puja or Prathami pooja is observed on October 17. How to Perform Kalasha Sthapana (Kalasha Installation) : Take a earthen pot or a copper pot and sactify […]