Holi Festival: 27 March 2013

Today, 27 March 2013 is Holi Festival, the festival of colours and joy. It is also celebrated as Lakshmi Jayanti, Madana Purnima, Dola Purnima, etc in various places of India. Holi festival marks the end of Holashtak, an avoidable period of 8 days prior to Holi. Holi festival is mentioned in many ancient Hindu Scriptures […]

Holi Festival, 8 March 2012

Today, 8 March 2012 is Holi Festival. Holi is celebrated in all places of India on Falgun Purnima, Full Moon in Phalgun month as per Hindu calendar. It is also known as Phagu, Phaguva, Dhulendi, Dhuleti, Dola Purnima, Dol Yatra, Gaura Purnima, Rangotsav, Kaman Pandigai, Kamuni Punnami, etc.. The following day of Holi is celebrated […]