Father Sense: Thoughts of Hare Krishna Movement on who is Real Father

Father Sense: here are the thoughts of Hare Krishna Movement on who is Real Father? We know that there is something which distinguishes a dead body from a living body. That we can understand. Suppose your father dies. You will lament, “Oh, my father is no more! He has gone away.” But where has he […]

Steve Jobs’ Hinduism Connection, Founder of Apple believed in Karma

We all know Steve Jobs as the greatest businessman the world ever had. But the great fact behind his success and philosophy of business was his belief on Karma, result of our actions. Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple, who left the world on October 5, 2011, revealed this secret during his famous speech “Stay Hungry, […]

The Perfect Theistic Science

Bhagavad-gita is the widely read theistic science summarized in the Gita-mahatmya (Glorification of the Gita). There it says that one should read Bhagavad-gita very scrutinizingly with the help of a person who is a devotee of Sri Krishna and try to understand it without personally motivated interpretations. The example of clear understanding is there in […]

Art of Living Quotes on Women’s role in Today’s Society

Here are the quotes by Art of Living and Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji on the women’s role in Today’s Society. To a question posed by a devotee in Satsang, ‘Can you tell us about this new era? Will women have a bigger role?’, Let us read the response from Sri Sri in his own words… […]