Widow Remarriage is not Prohibited in Hinduism…

A woman who is married and has become bereft of marriage status throught desertion, widowhood etc.. can be taken back to the parental gothram or any other gothram.. and the lady can be termed as punarbhoo .. and can once again be gifted back.. the procedure is the same a the marriage originally. Of course, […]

Hindus seek equality in UK marriage law

Hindus are seeking equality for minority religions/denominations in United Kingdom (UK) marriage law. GOV.UK website, under “Religious ceremonies” in “Marriages and civil partnerships in the UK”, states: “You don’t usually need to give notice with the register office if you’re getting married in an Anglican church…” In “Jewish and Quaker marriages” and “Non-Anglican Christian marriages […]

Supreme Court banned Same Gotra Marriage PIL in Hindu Marriage Act

On Monday, June 14 2010, the Supreme Court refused to accept a PIL for an amendment in the Hindu Marriage Act to ban same-gotra marriages, marriages within the same gotra or sub caste. Dhananjay Mahapatra for Times of India writes: The Supreme Court on Monday refused to entertain a PIL seeking an amendment in the […]