Suvarchala Devi

Suvarchala Sahitha Hanuman - Hanuman Marriage

According to ancient legends, Lord Hanuman was studied under Surya Bhagwan and he was his obedient disciple and mastered in all the divine subjects. Though he was an expert in vedas and other studies, since Lord Hanuman was a bachelor, he could not study the holy Vyakarnas for which he has to obtain the status […]

Legend of Hanumath Kalyanam | Why Lord Hanuman married Suvarchala

Suvarchala Sahitha Hanuman - Hanuman Marriage

This article gives us interesting information about the marriage of Lord Hanuman and Suvarchala. Suvarchala is the daughter of Surya Bhagavan. She was born from the luminescence (Varchas) of Surya and the world was unable to bear the luminescence of the Sun. At the same time, Lord Hanuman has accomplished his Vedic studies from his […]

Suvarchala Kalyanam, Suvarchala Hanumath Kalyanam

Suvarchala Kalyanam or Suvarchala Hanumath Kalyanam is the marriage celebration of Lord Hanuman and Suvarchala, the daughter of Surya. Suvarchala Hanuman Kalyanam is observed on Jyeshta Shudda Dasami, 10th day in Shukla paksha of Jyeshta month. In 2012, Suvarchala Hanumath Kalyanam date is May 31. Lord Hanuman is known as the ‘Ajanma Brahmachari’ (eternal bachelor). […]