Goddess Gauri – Gowri Devi

Goddess Gauri is one of the manifestations of Goddess Parvati. She is the divine energy, Mother Goddess. She is considered as a perfect wife for her husband, Lord Shiva. After the conclusion of her ferocious form Goddess Kali (the black Goddess, man-eating manifestation of Goddess Parvati), observed a severe penance to get rid of her […]

Jyeshta Gauri Pujan

Gauri pujan during Bhadrapad month in Maharashtra, is observed for three days, Gauri Avahan, Gauri pujan and Gauri Visarjan. Some households also call it as Mahalaxmi Vrat. Godess Gauri is worshiped and offered food (Nivedana) consisting of sixteen types of vegetable dishes, sweets, rice preparations and fruits. Jyestha Gauri are brought into the house in […]

Gauri Ashottara Shatanamavali (PDF download), 108 Names of Goddess Gauri

Goddess Gauri

Here you can download the PDF of Gauri Ashottara Shatanamavali, 108 Names of Goddess Gauri. Gauri Ashottara Shatanamavali is a prayer which lists the 108 names of Goddess Gauri Mata. Read Gauri Ashottara Shatanamavali – 1st Part Read Gauri Ashottara Shatanamavali – 2nd Part Download PDF document of Gauri Ashottara Shatanamavali, 108 Names of Goddess Gauri – […]