Pravara & Gothram

In Hindu traidition, a Pravara is a system of identity, also called as a family line. Pravaras are of a particular Brahmin’s descendent starts from ancient rishi who are belonged to their gotra, also called as clan. The Pravara has been vastly used in defining one’s ancestry. In Vedic ritual, the importance of the pravara […]

Brahmins Gothras | 1 Pravara Gothras, 2 Pravara Gothras, 3 Pravara Gothas, 5 Pravara Gothras

Number of more than 400 Brahmin  gothras along with pravara  Rishis … Wikipedia  on list of Gothras mentions that there  are  46 Gothras among Brahmins. I once personally did  a  survey of Tamil  Brahmin Gothras and found  that most of the tamil Brahmins belong to 51 Gothras. So  I was taken aback   to see  in a book  in tamil  published by Smt.Uma Hariharan, which has been approved by Kanchi Kamakoti mutt […]