Images – Blood Moon 4 April 2015, Lunar Eclipse

Here are the images of blood moon, 4 April 2015 (Lunar Eclipse). It was a Total Lunar Eclipse and the Blood Moon (rustic Orange moon) was clearly visible for few minutes.. In India and other Asian countries, this lunar eclipse was visible partially… Scroll down for the images..

Images: Blood Moon, 8 October 2014

Here are the BLOOD MOON images of Lunar Eclipse 8 October 2014 (Chandra Grahanam).. Today’s Lunar Eclipse is a Total Lunar Eclipse (Sampurna Chandra Grahan).. Chandra Grahan Timings in IST, 8 October 2014 Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 1.46 PM (Chandra Grahan Sparsha Kaal) – Not Visible Partial Eclipse Begins: 2.45 PM – Not Visible Total Eclipse Begins: 3.55 PM – […]