Auspicious Days for Gruhapravesham Muhurtham

Here is the list of Auspicious Days for Grihapravesh (Shubh Gruhapravesha Vaara or the day for housewarming ceremony) in Hindu calendar as per the Astrology (Jyotishya Shastra). Auspicious Days for Grihapravesha Somavara (Monday) Budhavara (Wednesday) – Saumyavara Guruvara (Thursday) – Brihaspati vaara Friday (Shukravara) – Bhrigu vaara The above three days are considered auspicious for Grihapravesham […]

Hindu Temple in Prestigious Smith College (Women’s College) in USA

Smith College (SC) in Northampton (Massachusetts), among the largest women’s colleges in USA, reportedly houses a “Hindu Mandir”. This Hindu Mandir (temple), part of the Helen Hills Hills Chapel of SC; equipped with images, incense, and religious texts; “is a place for Hindu worship and prayer”. Applauding SC for provision of dedicated space for Hindu […]