Goda Kalyanam, Sri Godadevi Kalyanotsavam in Dhanurmasam

Godadevi Kalyanam

Goda Kalyanam (Sri Godadevi Kalyanotsavam) is an important ritual observed during Dhanurmasam in Vaishnava Temples all around the world. In 2021, Goda Kalyanam date is January 13. Usually, the ceremonial wedding of Sri Goda Devi & Sri Ranganatha Swamy is performed on the last day of Dhanurmasam. Many special rituals and pujas mark the end […]

Sri Andal Kalyanam in Srirangam on Bhogi Pongal

Goddess Andal

Andal Kalyanam is a popular ritual observed in Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple on Bhogi Pongal (last day of Dhanurmasam celebrations). In 2021, Andal Kalyanam date is January 13. Goddess Andal (Godadevi / Goda Ammavaru) merged with Lord Ranganatha in Srirangam after observing the Paavai Nombu (in Margali masam). The union of Goddess Andal and Lord […]

Andal (Godadevi), The female Alwar who dedicated her life to Lord Ranganatha

Andal Devi (Godadevi)

Andal is counted amongst the first female poets in South India. She was the only female among the 12 Alwar Saints who are Vishnu Bhaktas and follow the Srivaishnava tradition. Alwars were the saints who revitalised the Hindu religion with their emphasis on true devotion to God and their worship through poetry between the 5th […]