Sushruta | Author of Sushruta Samhita | Father of Surgery

Sushruta, was an ancient Indian physician and the author of Susruta Saṃhita. According to the great epic Mahabharata, he was the son of the great Rishi Vishvamitra. He is declared as the “Father of surgery”, and he was a celebrated physician who was very much praised for practising his noble profession throughout the world.

The Sushruta Samhita is the principle text of Ayurveda. It is believed that he would have lived in the holy city of “VARANASI” before several thousands of years back. And a statue was dedicated in honour of Rishi Sushruta at Haridwar.

The Sushruta Saṃhita,contains the details of remedial medicines which must be used in case of prolonged illness, and also contains the details of medicines for removing several dreaded diseases and mental illness. The text mentions the various surgical techniques that should to be followed for eye, ear, nose, heart, lungs and all parts of the body.

He also advocates the principles of yoga and meditation. And he insists us to do regular exercise and yoga along with deep meditation. He also asked us to chant the names of gods and to practice it regularly, and asked us to eat proper digestive food items. He had prescribed certain medicines for increasing our immunity levels, in order to run our life without much difficulty. He insists to do Pranayama for asthma patients, and to worship Lord Varuna Deva for getting rid of water related diseases like common cold, sinusitis, tonsillitis, tuberculosis and diabetes. And he asked us to worship Lord Vayu Deva for getting rid of problems from indigestion, asthma, lung infections and heart related diseases, since we are able to breathe properly and living in this world only through his grace.

He asked us to worship Lord Agni Dev for getting relieved from fire burns, ulcer and various stomach related problems. According to him, Lord Adisesha, the divine bed of Lord Vishnu must be worshipped for getting relieved from various poisonous diseases and dreaded diseases like cancer etc. Apart from worshipping these divine demigods, we can worship our favourite saints, gods and goddesses based on our own interest and dedication to the respective saints, gods and goddesses.


He is also considered as an avatar of Lord Dhanvantri, an Ayurvedic God. He had contributed a lot in the medical field. Apart from providing service to the patients, he also provided free food to the guests, and performed meditation for the well-being of the entire UNIVERSE. He had done a very great noble service to the entire mankind, and due to his service he was praised by the people in the earth, and by the gods, goddesses and by the demigods in the heaven.

Let us worship the great divine physician and be blessed.


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