The term upaveda is associated with certain kind of arts. The god for the Vedas is Lord Brahma. In order to give special importance to certain kind of arts, he has created a separate Veda called as Upaveda, and it is associated with certain special subjects, which are as follows:- For knowing about the importance […]

Sushruta | Author of Sushruta Samhita | Father of Surgery

Sushruta, was an ancient Indian physician and the author of Susruta SaŠĻÉhita. According to the great epic Mahabharata, he was the son of the great Rishi Vishvamitra. He is declared as the “Father of surgery”, and he was a celebrated physician who was very much praised for practising his noble profession throughout the world. The […]

Ayurveda derived from Vedas – TTD

TTD Joint Executive Officer Sri B Lakshmi Kantham said today that that Ayurveda was an ancient Indian science derived from the Atharwana Veda for the well being of mankind. Addressing the 36th anniversary of the TTD run Sri SV Ayurveda medical college as Chief guest on Sunday the JEO said Ayurveda medicine had gained popularity […]