Surya Grahan 2013: Solar Eclipse dates

Surya Grahan, Solar eclipse will take place two times in 2013 – in May and November. Solar Eclipse occurs as Annular Eclipse and Hybrid solar eclipse in 2013.

Here is the information about the visibility, and the time of Surya Grahan in 2013..

Annular Solar Eclipse on May 10, 2013 (Kankan Surya Grahan)

The time of Greatest Eclipse is 00:26:20 UTC

This Annular eclipse will be visible in Australia, New Zealand and Central Pacific regions. The rest of the world miss out this Surya Grahan.

Hybrid Solar Eclipse on November 3, 2013 (Surya Grahanam)

This Hybrid solar eclipse will be visible in Eastern American continents, Southern Europe and Africa. The rest of the world will miss out this Surya Grahan.

The time of the Greatest eclipse is 12:47:36 UTC

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