Super Moon on 19 March 2011 – What is the effect of Supermoon Today

Supermoon, the larger and brighter moon, will be visible on 19 March 2011, Saturday, after 18 years. This Supermoon will be visible 14% larger and 15-30% brighter. This Supermoon coincides with Falgun Purnima, the Hindu festival of Holi. This is not but moon comes closer to earth for 20,000 km and then moves away as usual. The Supermoon is not a big event for astronomers at least it is a normal Full Moon. But it has got greater importance as Japan affected with Earth-quake Tsunami a week ago. What will occur due to today’s supermoon? Any natural disaster will hit the earth?

The Hindu Astrologers denying and condemning the predictions of natural disasters on supermoon. But they predict that small incidents may occur like the tides may rise high than normal. Shri Satvik Ram Sharmam, popular astrologer of Hyderabad, said there is no need to worry but there will be some chances of high sea tides and abnormal incidents in the sea areas.

As per a press release of Nehru Planetorium, Mumbai, the Director Piyush Panday said “After 29.5 days, we have a full or new moon. Perigee and apogee occur after every 27.3 days when moon is closest and farthest. The day when both happen at the same time is termed as supermoon. This takes a lot of time as after the incident, the gap increases by 2.2 to 4.4 days and so on. They come together again only after 18 years.”

As every Purnima and Amavasya brings some sort of heavy tides in the seas and the Oceans, this time also there are larger predictions of higher sea tides. Due to more gravitational force from Moon, the tides may rise heavily tonight. All the fishermen and other people who reside at the beaches, coastal areas, the places near seas and the oceans are alerted.

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  1. panduranga rao says:

    No natural disaster for India. India is on safe geographical location as per the latitudes and longitudes. The Pacific Coast may affect on this supermoon. Japan also got the impact of this supermoon few days earlier. the volcanoes in Japan may rise again. As per the gravitational energy of moon, the coastal areas may shake a bit. Some astrologers say this may impact Andaman, Nicobar Islands, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, and Philippines, and some other Asian countries.

  2. Rojer Davis says:

    Is there any effect on California. We heard that California has larger threat than any place in USA due to this supermoon and the early impact of Tusnami of Japan. Some people of California are shifted to rescue centers as the harmful radioactive gas is leaking from Fukushima atomic center. It may reach California at anytime in this week.