Sudha Parimala | Divine Scripture by Guru Raghavendra

Sudha Parimala is a popular work of Guru Raghavendra, and it was written in Sanskrit based on Dvaita philosophy and contains portions of Sri Jaya Teertha’s ‘Nyaya Sudha’, who was a great Madhwa Saint. This work was highly praised by many Hindu kings, and they have appreciated the talents of Guru Raghavendra.

According to Sri Madhwacharya, no one can merge with the god, and they cannot become the aspects of the almighty. One can taste the essentials of Krishna Bhakti, and can become a great saint and also can attain heavenly abode, but they cannot become part and parcel of the god. This Sudha Parimala work contains the greatness of Lord Vishnu, his avatars, and mainly it covers the significance of Lord Krishna, and his merciful aspects. Raghavendra had won in the debates with the scholars, and proved that Lord Hari is the supreme god among all others. Guru Raghavendra had written the text in a simplified manner, and all of his spiritual contributions would be available in Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Mantralayam. The Contact Phone No of the office is – 08512279659.

The famous sweet Prasad item of Mantralayam is named as Parimala Prasadam based on the holy text, Sudha Parimala.

It is also believed that when Guru Raghavendra wrote this holy text, Lord Vishnu itself appeared before him, and blessed him. In the homes of most of the Madhwa Brahmins, a copy of Sudha Parimala would be available. We can also get a copy of the book from Mantralayam office, in order to taste the sweetness of the contents present in the book.

Some of the contents present in the book are:

1. Lord Hari is the only god who creates, protects and destroys the universe.

2. Lord Hari is the main deity, and all other deities are sub deities and they are controlled by Lord Hari.

3. A true devotee of Lord Hari can attain all kinds of prosperity in his life.


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