Story of King Vishal (Surya Vamsha King)

The story of King Vishal, a King of Surya Vamsha (Solar dynasty) is explained here.

King Vishal of Vidisha Kingdom was blessed with an extraordinarily pretty Princess named Vaishali. The King announced a ‘Swayamvara’ or bride’s choice for marriage and many eligible Princes attended the function.

One Prince named Aveekshith or the one who was not viewed by any malefic Graha / Planet in his birth chart tried to take away the Princess by force. But those other aspirants who attended the function over powered Aveekshith and imprisoned him. The King then proceeded with the Swayamvara but Vaishali insisted on selecting Aveekshi only.

Meanwhile the King Kardama the father of the imprisoned youth attacked Vidisha and freed; the Prince felt humiliated and decided not to wed Vaishali. The disappointed Princess declared that she would wed the Prince or none else! She retired to a hermitage in a forest and performed Tapasya.

Devas were happy with her devotion and blessed her with the boon of begetting a famous son who would rule the whole Sapta Dwipas soon. Vaishali wondered that after all she vowed of celibacy excepting Aveekshith.

Even while she was thinking about her vow, a demon called Dhrutakesha tried to kidnap Vaishali and a passing Prince Aveekshith fought the demon and saved the Princess. On mutual consent, the married as per the Gadharva way and gave birth to a celebrated son called Marut who indeed became the Supreme Sovereign of the Sapta Dwipas.

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