Story of King Muchukunda’s & Lord Vishnu’s Shivalinga

Lord Indra had to face a very hard battle against the powerful demons. With the assistance of King Muchukunda, so he was successful in winning the battle. Therefore, Indira wished to present a gift to Muchukunda as a token of his humble gratitude to the emperor, and wholeheartedly asked what he personally wanted.

The King asked for the Shivalinga that was in possession of Indra which was devotionally and with dedication worshipped keeping it on chest by Lord Vishnu.  It is to be noted that Indra didn’t wished to part with that Linga.

With divine sculptor Mayan, he made a secret trick making six similar Lingas and calmly presented them to Muchukunda. Immediately the emperor found them really fake. Finally Lord Indra offered the Shivalinga which is original along with the six new ones in order to make the total to seven.

In Tamil Nadu, in Tiruvarur, the original Shiva Linga is placed. On the other hand, the other six Shivalingas are installed in temples that are collectively called as ‘Saptha Vidanga Sthalas’.  It is to be noted that Saptha in Sanskrit language means seven.  It is to be remembered that they are installed as

1) ‘Veedhi Vidangar’ in Tiruvarur

2) As ‘Nagara Vidangar’ in Tirunallru

3) As ‘Sundara Vidangar’ in Nagapattinam

4) As ‘Avani Vidangar’ in Tirukuvalai

5) As ‘Neela Vidangar’ in Tiruvaimur

6) As ‘Bhuvani Vidangar’ in Vedaranyam and

7) As ‘Adi Vidangar’ in Tirukaravasal.

This story related to King Muchukunda and Lord Vishnu has religious and social significance among the Hindu devotees.

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  1. Palepu Raghu says:

    so many short stories which are the essence of our Puranas as also our revered Srimad Ramayana, Bhagvat-Gita, Bhagvatam, as also most imprtant as rest Siva Puranam and many we may are unaware. Thanks so much to bring them to our know .