Story of Hiranyaksha, brother of Hiranyakashipu

Formerly Siva, the emperor of the gods, kind to his devotees came to Kasi from Kailasa accompanied by Parvati, the daughter of the mountain and his Ganas because he was desirous of sporting there. He built his capital there. Once he went to the mountain Mandara to see its excellent grandeur.

While sporting on the eastern ridges of the Mandara Mountain, Parvati sportively and playfully closed the eyes of Siva of fierce exploit. She closed the eyes with her lotus like hands, which had the luster of coral and
golden lotus.

By this contact with lord Siva the rapturous rutting juice exuded from her hands became hot by the fire of the eye on his forehead and flowed out in copious drops. Conception took place and a terrible inhuman being manifested itself. It was furious, ungrateful, blind, deformed and black in colour. It sang, cried, laughed, danced, put out his tongue like a serpent and thundered fiercely.

Parvati was surprised to see him and asked Siva that from where this child has come. Lord Siva told Parvati that when she closed his eyes, this being of wonderfully fierce might was born of his sweat. He shall be named Andhaka. Siva told her that she was the cause of his creation though not in the natural way, he would be guarded by the Ganas lovingly as well as by her friends.

At that time, the Asura Hiranyaksha desired to obtain a son at the pressure of his wife who was envious at the sight of many sons of her husband’s elder brother. He resorted to forest and performed penance for obtaining son. The trident bearing lord was pleased at his penance.

Hiranyaksha requested to Lord Siva to give him a powerful son as his brother has five sons of infinite valour, Prahlada being the eldest. On hearing these words of the king, the kindhearted Siva was satisfied and told him that he cannot have a son born of his semen. Siva said that his son Andhaka has a prowess equal to yours. He cannot be defeated by any. You can choose him as your son.

After saying this, the delighted lord gave the son to Hiranyaksha. Having obtained a son from Siva, the demon of great and fierce valour Hiranyaksha conquered all the gods and took the earth to Patala.

Then the gods, sages and the Siddhas propitiated Visnu of infinite vigour in the form of a Boar that constituted all sacrifices and all beings and was terrific in form.

With Vishnu’s Sudarsana dazzling like a crore of suns he chopped off the burning head of Hiranyaksha and reduced the wicked Daitya to ashes. Then his son Andhaka was crowned as the king of Daityas. Vishnu lifted up the earth from the Patala by means of his fangs. He sustained the Earth as before.

Thanks to Krishnamacharyula Srinivasa Sharma for providing this article.

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