Story of King Pradyumna, Ila Devi

King Pradyumna / Ila Devi: Vaivaswata Manu’s son Vishshta performed a Yagna to secure a son under the supervision of Sage Mitra Varuna but due to a mistake of the ‘Hota’of the Yagna, a daughter was conceived to the Queen instead of a son. But the Mantrik powers of the Sage, the daughter was converted as a boy named Pradyumna.

As the latter became a King eventually, he went on a hunting spree to a forest and entered a prohibited area in the forest despite warnings; that was a very private area where Shiva-Parvati spent time together and the warning was that who ever entered there would become a woman.

As per Shiva’s instruction, the King became a woman and had to enter the Royal Palace surrepticiously. Pradyumna callled Sage Vasishtha for help and the latter performed Tapas to please Lord Shiva. The Bhagavan bestowed a dispensation to the King that he would be a male for half year and a female for another half when she would be called Ila.

During the woman-hood, Budha the son of Chandra Deva met Ila and their wedding resulted in the birth of King Pururava who was the foremost King in the Chandra Vamsha to be described later.

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