SSDM Temple’s Janmashtami Celebrations | Kampala, Uganda

SSDM Temple Janmashtami

SSDM Temple Janmashtami

SSDM Temple, Kampala, Uganda is celebrating Sri Krishna Janmashtami on 12 August 2020 and you can watch the celebrations live online. The Temple of Shree Sanatan Dharma Mandal in Kampala is one of the biggest and oldest temples not only in Uganda but in entire Africa as well.

The Janmashtami Post on SSDM Facebook Page reads…

Jay Shree Krishna

Hey Anand Umang Bhayo, Jai Ho Nand Lal Ki
Nand Ke Anand Bhayo, Jai Kanhiya Lal Ki
Braj Mein Anand Bhayo, Jai Yashoda Lal Ki
Haathi Ghoda Paal Ki, Jai Kanhiya Lal Ki

As we mark the Birth of Lord Krishna our beloved Kanhiya Lal
Let’s pray for mukti from COVID-19.
Pooja of Janmastmi and the joyous event will be celebrated at SSDM Mandir and darshan will Be LIVE from 7.30pm on 12th Aug 2020 for all our devotees world over via our social media platforms. However Mandir will be closed for the public.

Anand Se Bolo Sab, Jai Ho Braj Laal Ki
Hathi Ghoda Paal Ki, Jai Kanhiya Laal Ki
Jai Ho Braj Laal Ki, Paawan Pratipaal Ki
Hey Nand Ke Anand Bhayo, Jai Ho Nand Laal Ki

Sri Krishna Janmashtami Puja Muhurat 2020

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