Srinivasa Kalyanam 2012 in USA by TTD Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple

TTD Venkateshwara Swamy Temple will perform Srinivasa Kalyanam in USA in April, May & June 2012. Srivari Kalyanam will be conducted at 10 cities in USA at different intervals between April 28 to June 3, 2012. The list of cities where the Kalyanam will be held is: San Jose, Sacramento (California), New Jersey, North Coast, Dallas (Texas), Arizona, Detroit, Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Portland (Oregon), Seattle (Washington) & Malibu (California).

Here is the list of venues, dates, time, city, person name, and the contact number…

28 April 2012, Saturday: Sacramento. Siddivinayaka Cultural Centre, Deexithulu. (00)19255486820

29 April 2012, Sunday: San Jose. Siddivinayaka Cultural Centre, Deexithulu. (00)19255486820

5 May 2012, Saturday: New Jersey. Sri Guruvayoorappan Temple. Madhusudan Raju. 17327629573

6 May 2012, Sunday: Fairfax, Virginia. Venkateswara Lotus Temple. 19199957423.

12 May 2012, Saturday: Dallas, Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi Temple. P. Satyanarayana. 19727405117

12 May 2012, Saturday: Detroit Novi. Balaji Temple. Ravi

13 May 2012, Sunday: Metro Detroit. Sri Balaji Temple. Sridhar Venkatachari. 248-3906534

19 May 2012, Sunday: Arizona. Sri Venkateshwara Kshetra Temple. Kiran Kumar. (480) 7855217

24 May 2012, Thursday: Minneapolis. Hindu Temple of Minnesota.

26 May 2012, Saturday: Wisconsin, Milwaukie. Hindu Temple. K. Venkat. 14147320059

27 May 2012, Sunday: Portland. Balaji Temple. S Rajagopal

2 June 2012, Saturday: Seattle, Vedic Culture Centre. Yashoda Dulaldas. 4259223779

3 June 2012, Sunday: Malibu, California. Balaji Temple. Varadan

For more details contact:

Dr. K. Ramakrishna, officer on special duty,

Address: office of the officer on the special duty,

Madhavam guest house, Srinivasam complex,

T.T.Devasthanams, Tirupati : 517 501.

CELL NO: +918985325628.

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