Sri Thirumurugan Thevaram

Similar to the Shavite text, Thevaram which was composed by the great Shavite Saints like Sri Sambandar, Appar, and Sundarar, during the medieval period, a group of Murugan Devotees have composed the great Text, which is popularly known as “SRI THIRUMURUGAN THEVARAM”, and it is as popular as the Shaivite Text, Thevaram. These songs can be recited in the temples of Lord Muruga, especially in his six famous abodes situated at Tamil Nadu.

Some of the verses from the Sacred Text, Sri Thirumurugan Thevaram, are as follows:-

Oh My Dear Lord Muruga. My heart is filled up with full of joy whenever your devotees utter the name OM Muruga. Oh Muruga, you are the divine consort of Ma Valli and Ma Devasena.

Oh my dear Lord. I have tried my level best to compose beautiful songs in praise of you, you are also known as Vadivelan, who dwells on the Hill Temples, like Thirutani and Palani, who looks very handsome.

I have been too much attached with Lord Guhan, and my bondage with him would never end, even after my death.

I don’t worry about the worldly things which I possess. It is enough if I get the entire grace of Lord Muruga.

Lord Murugan is the one who makes the entire world into bright due to his divine presence.He can be easily approachable but by following some difficult methods like meditation, fasting etc.

Oh My Dear Lord Muruga, please come by riding on your beautiful Vehicle peacock, by taking the divine spear (VEL). Please give me which you consider as essential for me.

Oh My beloved god Muruga, please lend your helping hands on your devotees and help them to come up in their life,

Oh Lord Muruga,you are the true form of the Vedas and you are the form of the Pranava Mantra, “OM”.

Oh the third eye spark of Lord Shiva, Oh the brave warrior god Muruga, Oh the Holy Fire, please come to rescue your devoteesfrom their worries, please make your devotees to feel delightful at all times.

Oh the great Muruga, Please shower your grace on us, I surrender, surrender at your holy lotus feet, Oh Velava,whoever chants your names would get rid from their troubles.

Oh Lord Muruga, in your temples,people are eagerly waiting for their turn to have your wonderful darshan. Please show mercy on to those devotees, by lighting lamps on their lives.

Oh the Divine Guru, Oh son of Lord Parameshwara, please grant me wisdom, knowledge and courage.

Oh God of gods, I surrender, I surrender at your holy lotus feet.

Oh my Dear Lord Muruga, you are showering the ocean of mercy and giving more comfort to your devotees, and you used to dwell on the souls of the pious ones.

Oh my beloved god Muruga, even if you pierce my body into pieces by considering me as demon Surapadman, I would feel very happy, since whoever dies on your hands would surely get salvation.

Oh my beloved god Muruga, please make me as your bodyguard at your Skanda Loka, since I want to be with you at all times.

Oh Sri Shiva Kumara, whenever I speak I utter only your names, whenever I hear, I am able to hear only your names, whenever I see anything, I am finding only your divine presence on that, whenever I walk, my legs marches only towards your temples, whenever I eat anything, it tastes me like your Holy Prasad Item, whenever I bow before anybody, I consider it as bowing before your deity.


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