Sri Sugunendra Theertharu Chaturmasa in Sri Krishna Vrundaavana Temple, San Jose

Shree Sugunendra Theertharu of Puttige matta is celebrating the holy period of Chaturmaasa at Sri Krishna Vrundaavana Temple in San Jose, California USA. Please visit the temple and attend the daily programs described below.

It’s with immense pleasure we announce that His Holiness Shri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji (Jagadguru Shri Madhwacharya Moola Matha Samsthanam, Shri Puthige Matha Udupi) has blessed us by agreeing to observe his 40th Chaturmasya in the Shri Krishna Vrundavana, San Jose from July 26th 2014 to September 7th, 2014.

Morning Pooja: 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM

Maadhyaana Pooja: 12 – 12:30 PM
Followed by theertha Prasadha (Lunch)

Evening Pooja:-5.30- 6.30pm
Mahabharatha Thathparya Nirnaya Teaching:- 6.30- 7.30pm
Maha Mangalarathi:- 7.30pm
Ramayana Discourse:- 7.40- 8.30pm
Prasadam ( dinner):- 8.30pm

Address: 43, Sunol Street, San Jose, California, USA
Telephone: 408-416-3624

About Sri Krishna Vrundavana Temple, San Jose

Shri Shri Shri 1008 Suguneendra Theertha Swamiji of Udupi Sri Puthige Matha established the Shri Krishna Vrundavana temple, affiliated to Sujnana Religious & Charitable Foundation (SRCF), in July 6th, 2013 at San Jose, California. This is an historic moment for all the devotees in the San Francisco Bay Area. The greatest desire/dream/wish to have a place of worship and for future generations, to learn the great philosophy taught by our acharyas and offer seva to Shri Guru Raghavendra Swamigalu, the savior for those who places faith in him is becoming a reality. This follows other successful centers in other cities like Pheonix, LA, Houston, New Jersey, and recently in Toranto, Canada.

The presiding deity in the Shri Krishna Vrundavana is Udupi Sri Krishna. In line with Hari sarvottamatva-Vayu jeevottamathva, the Vrundavana worships Mukhyapraana, a deity in the form of Sri Hanuman. In this kali yuga millions of devotees continues to get the blessings of the kalpataru Sri Raghavendra swamy whose mruthika brindavana is kept and worshiped here. Daily puja is offered (thrice) to the above deities in the Udupi sampradaya with recital of Veda mantras followed by annadhana (twice a day).

The temple premise includes a puja hall, prasaada hall, and living quarters for the priests. It also has a multi-purpose community hall with occupancy of about 100 people.

Vrundavana will benefit numerous communities, and their future generations by spreading the message of Lord Sri Krishna and strengthening the customs and traditions of our great culture in this part of the world. To the younger generations it provides an opportunity to experience our rich cultural, traditional and religious roots. To the thirsty seeking enlightenment and inner meaning of life the Vrundavana provides the opportunities to learn from our scriptures. To the far and away seeking to perform rituals and sevas the Vrundavana offers services of its learned priests who have undergone formal training in Udupi. To those wishing to spend the peaceful and tranquil time in a holy shrine the Vrundavana provides the perfect setting to congregate and participate in the group chanting conducted on a daily basis. Recently Shri Krishna Vrundavana is conducting veda and stotra classes for adults and children on weekly basis.

All Hindu festivals like Ugadi, Deepavali, Krishna Janmaashtami, Rama Navami, Madhwanavami, Navarathri, Shivarathri, Ganesha chaturti et all will be celebrated in pomp at the Vrundavana.

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