Sri Nandana nama Samvatsara 2012-2013 Navanayaka Phala & Predictions

Sri Nandana nama samvatsara (2012-2013) Hindu year starts on Chaitra Pratipada (first day in Chaitra month). Ugadi or Gudi Padwa (23 March 2012) marks the beginning of new Hindu year. The navanayaka phala are the results of predictions based on the planetary positions during the year. Each planet of Navagraha provides different result. Shukra (Venus) is the King (Raja) and Minister (Mantri) in Nandana nama samvatsaram as per Chandramana. As per Sauramana also, Shukra is the King and Minister. Here are the navanayaka phala of Nandana Year.

Navanayaka Phala in Nandana nama Samvatsara (2012-2013)

  1. King: Shukra (Venus)
  2. Minister: Shukra (Venus)
  3. Senadhipati: Guru – Brihaspati (Jupiter)
  4. Sasyadhipati: Chandra (Moon)
  5. Arghadhipati: Guru – Brihaspati (Jupiter)
  6. Dhanyadhipati: Shani (Saturn)
  7. Meghadhipati: Guru – Brihaspati (Jupiter)
  8. Nirasadhipati: Chandra (Moon)
  9. Rasadhipati: Budha (Mercury)

King – Shukra – phala

Shukra as King gives farming community and cattle some good results. Cows would give plenty of milk. There will be no shortage of water or pulses. Fearless atmosphere makes every individual comfortable.

Minister – Shukra – phala

Shukra as Minister pours good rain. Abundance of grains. The wealth of kings or government treasury will increase. There will be abundance in produce from land. The integrity among the nation will be improved a lot. The neighboring countries will become friendly to India.

Senadhipati – Guru (Brihaspati) – phala

Guru as Senadhipati makes the world even more violent. Rate of crimes (Kidnappings, murders, assaulting and rapes) will increase. Education becomes even more commercial and strict learning practices make students demoralized.

Sasyadhipathi – Chandra – Phala

Chatusashti Kalakovida Chandra gets the Sasyadhipathyam. Agriculture will be average. Cyclones will hit very badly. TVs, cinemas, and some other art forms become prime reasons for unhealthy conditions in the society.

Dhanyadhipathi – Shani – Phala

Dearth of food grains hit the world. The prices of groundnut, oils, milk, milk products, onions, etc would increase drastically. Hotels and restaurants will become the centers of robbing people. Duplicate oils, seeds and pesticides will become prime news this year.

Arghyadhipathi – Guru (Brihaspathi) – Phala

People wish to buy gold. White-color crimes will increase. Differences among people will increase. Famous business organizations will drown into deficits. Inflation in top countries will hurt entire world. Vedadhyayana (learning of Vedas) will increase.

Meghadhipathi – Guru (Brihaspati) – Phala

Rainfall will increase in towns, cities and other urban areas. Mountainous areas will have great rainfall. Delayed Monsoon’s arrival may hurt farmers. Summer will be even hotter.

Rasadhipathi – Budha – Phala

Advanced technology will question the future of India. Our indigenous chemicals and formulae will be captured by brutal persons and organizations. India lacks a capable leader thus suffers a lot.

Nirasadhipathi – Chandra – Phala

It is a bad time for genuine art forms and artists. Awards, rewards & appreciations would become the market goods. Huge scams will be leaked. Volcano eruption is on cards.

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    wht samvatsara is it on the arrival of ugadi this year 2013-14

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    hindu new year 2013 who is king and mantri