Songs of Thirumoolar

Thirumoolar is considered both as a Siddhar as well as a Nayanar Saint. He is a resident of Kailasa, and few thousand years back, as per the instructions of Lord Shiva, he came down to the earth, in order to spread the essence of Shaivism amongst the people, and also to enlighten the ordinary people in this tough world.

Similar to Thirumoolar, Several other Siddhars have dedicated their entire lives on showing their selfless bhakti on the god. Most of the Siddhars are the devotees of Lord Shiva, and some of them used to worship Lord Vishnu also. Apart from the 18 main Siddhars, there are innumerable Siddhars who have lived throughout India, and still some of them are living in various parts of India.

They are highly knowledge people in literature, music, dance and drama and they provided good solutions to the common people in order to overcome from their illness, and also pacified their minds through their spiritual lectures. They are expert in composing bhakti poems on Lord Shiva, and they also used to sing it in the Shiva Temples.The first and foremost Siddhar is believed to be Rishi Agastiyar, who is considered to be a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva and Muruga. His abode is considered to be that of the Podigai Hills, and it is believed that, he still resides in the holy Hills, in an invisible form along with his consort Ma Lopamudra.

Some of the most popular songs of Thirumoolar are as follows:

Our body is worthless without realising the significance of the god, since this body is made out of flesh and bones, and it is highly perishable in nature, hence before we die, let us develop sincere bhakti on Lord Shiva, and chant the “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” mantra regularly.

Temples are founded for our convenience. Apart from worshipping the god in our souls, it is our important duty to worship the god in the temples.

Unlike ordinary humans, God can neither be created nor destroyed by anyone. He is the one who survives even during the time of deluge.

We should realise why we have been born in this materialistic world, and we should find out the ways to leave from this world, in order to reach the abode of the god.

We should not live our life similar to animals and birds, we are having enough knowledge to realise the god, and we should spend our each and every second, in praising the glories of the god.

At the time of our death, even an earless needle would not come along with us.

Completely avoid the physical pleasures in the world, instead of that, pay more and more attention on enjoying spiritual pleasures in the world, like chanting the mantras of the god, worshipping him in his temples, listening to spiritual discourses, praising him and meditating him, singing his songs and sanctifying him.

We should treat our mother as Ma Shakti, since she suffers from severe pain for a period of ten months, in order to deliver us.

She takes care of us very well, and even she may forget to eat food, but she used to give food to us in correct time.

We should treat our parents, similar to Lord Shiva and Shakti, and must serve them properly.
Spiritual Gurus must be treated similar to the gods, since they contain the powers of the god.

We are all the slaves of the god, and god is our master.


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