Solar Eclipse Maldives time on 15 January 2010 – Surya Grahanam timing in Male and Maldives

On 15th January 2010, Kankana Surya Grahanam or Annular Solar Eclipse will occur. The Eclipse will be visible for a considerable time in Maldives. The time or timing of Solar Eclipse in Maldives is given in this article. The grahanam will be visible for 10 minutes and 8 seconds in Maldives. Solar Eclipse will start at 12:20:20 hrs and end at 12:30:06 hrs as per Maldives local time. The tiny islands of Maldives are the best location to view Annular Solar Eclipse and Male city is the best spot to view Surya Grahan. Male is also the longest duration of any city having an international airport in the Eclipse occurring regions.

Surya Grahan during No Moon in January 2010, will start in Africa and passes through Indian Ocean where it will be visible for a maximum of 11 minutes and 7.7 seconds.

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