Solar Eclipse 15 January 2010 Time in Australia UK and USA

Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan that will occur on January 15, 2010, will not be visible in any cities or parts in Australia, UK and USA. It will be a Kankanakara Surya Grahan or Annular Solar Eclipse in Southern Tamil Nadu and Southern Kerala in India and in other parts of India it will be a Pakshik Surya Grahan. The Grahan will be visible with full clarity in Dhanushkodi near Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu.

This Soalr Eclipse will be visible in some parts of Middle East and Arabian countries. If any one who wants to perform the Grahan rituals can perform the rituals as per their corresponding time of respective country or region.

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  1. Sucheta says:


    How to find out punya grahan kal to perform mantras in usa?
    please help