Snake around Shiva’s neck, Why Lord Shiva wears Snakes

snake around shiva's neck

snake around shiva's neck

Lord Shiva is often depicted with snakes around the neck. Why Lord Shiva wears snakes around his neck? What is name of the snake which worn by Shiva? Snake is one of the Symbols or attributes of Shiva and the symbolism of wearing snake is explained in many Puranas.

Lord Shiva lives in mountains and carries nothing precious. Snake also stores nothing, carries nothing, and constructs nothing, lives in mountains and forests alone for long time.

To symbolize the nature of simple living, Shiva wears snake around his neck. Generally, snakes represent anger and poisonous nature. Wearing it around the neck also symbolizes how important to control anger and poisonous nature.

Vasuki is the name of the snake around the neck of Lord Shiva as per many books and other sources. Why the snake is curled three times around Shiva’s neck? Three coils represent the past, present, and future time in cycles. Why it is worn like an ornament? It signifies that the creation proceeds in cycles and the Lord himself transcends time. Why the snake looks towards right side? Right side represents the best actions of human in terms of knowledge and wisdom.

Lord Shiva is also known as Pannaga Bhushana and Nagabharana.

The main purpose of all the attributes or symbols in Hinduism is to protect the universe by providing natural balance.

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  1. Tejal says:

    why does lord shiva wear snakes around his neck?

  2. kishan says:

    I think snake represent kundalini shakti in us. it symbolize that the kundalini shakti in him is awaken and he is supreme and true energy so that snake is always standing in his picture. and there are many reason behind that,