Importance of Lord Shiva’s Trishula

Lord Shiva Trishula

Lord Shiva Trishula

Importance of Lord Shiva’s Trishula, why Shiva holds Trishula, Trident in his hand? What is the importance of Trishula of Lord Shiva?

Lord Shiva called as ‘Destroyer’ (Mahadev) has the power to remove evil with his Trishul. Trishul sometimes symbolises – iccha, kriya and gnana. Trident represents the power to destroy evil and ignorance. Trishul is a weapon that can remove all evils away from the soul. Trishul is a symbol which depicts unknown and balances the difference between creation and destruction.

Trishula has a deep insight meaning. In hinduism, Trishul symbolises a powerful weapon of the Lord. Trishula is a demonic destruction tool used by the lord himself. Trishula symbolises peace and demolition.

Trishula symbolism remains with Lord Shiva and Parvathi. The symbolism is polyvalent. In the body, the Trishula symbolises 3 main nadis meeting at one particular point. The Trishula represents powerful tool which can destroy the 3 worlds. They represent the world of forefathers and the world of mind. Trishula destroys them all.

Trishul that Shiva holds symbolises power and eternity. It is his weapon that demolishes the wickedness of human. Lord holds the Trishul in his right hand and the weapon is used to remove all wickedness of human that might arise from three factors like Sattva, Tamas and Rajas. The 3 gunas can bind the 3 gunas to the body which causes immense pain. Shiva’s Trishul is used to destroy this pain.

Sometimes it is referred that Trishula is held by Durga which she uses as an attribute and have got it from Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Trishula has a central point which is of significance. It is called Shushmana and represents the other two away – ida and pingala.

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