Singapore Bathukamma Festival celebrations

Bathukamma in Singapore – Bathukamma Festival celebrations in Singapore.. How Telanganites celebrate Bathukamma Panduga in Singapore?

Singapore is located just opposite the southern coastal line of India in the Bay of Bengal in the southern tip of Malay Peninsula. A large number of Indians have settled here from the days of British rule and after India’s independence.  Most of the migrated Indians are now the citizens of Singapore. You can find people from every nook and corner of India in this tiny developed nation.

In 2013, Bathukamma festival begins on 4th October and ends on 12th October with Saddula Bathukamma.

There are good number of Andhrites and Telanganites in this region who are settled permanently and temporary peoples who are staying here on student visa, work permit and casual visitors. You can come across several Singapore Telanganites friends association in this nation. It is to be highly noted that Bathukamma festival is celebrated in sparkling and glittering manner in Singapore.

The Telangana people belonging to Singapore decorate the Bahukamma floral stack with impeccable precision and innumerous magnetically beautiful flowers. Telaganites family participates in this festivity with friends and relatives in a grand manner. It is a real treat to watch all the ladies and gents in the traditional attire of Telangana region of India.

Even in the shootout of modernization, Telanganites living in this region much away from homeland never forget their rich culture and tradition of their motherland.  A lot of fun and entertainment also marks the Bathukamma festival here. Programmes such as light music orchestra with Telangana folk songs and filmy song are held. Competition like running race, marble and spoon, sack race etc are held for gents, ladies and children belonging to different age groups.

9 Days of Bathukamma Festival

Engili Poola Bathukamma

Atukula Bathukamma

Muddhapappu Bathukamma

Nanabiyyam Bathukamma

Atla Bathukamma

Aligina Bathukamma (Arremu)

Vepakayala Bathukamma

Vennamuddhala Bathukamma

Saddhula Bathukamma

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