Simha Sankraman 2013 (Simha Sankramanam)

Simha Sankraman or Singha Sankramana punya thithi is the day on which Surya Bhagawan enters into Simha rashi (Leo zodiac) from Karka rashi (cancer zodiac). Simha Sankraman 2013 date is August 17.

Sun’s transition into Simha rasi marks the beginning of Simha Masam in various solar calendars followed in India. During Simha Sankraman Chinga Masam begins as per traditional Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala and Avani Masam is the Tamil Month which is similar to Malayalam Chingam month. Bhadra Month is the similar month to Simha Masam in Bengali calendar.

During Simha Sankraman day, Sankraman punya snan are performed in many holy places. Lord Vishnu, Surya Bhagawan, and Lord Narasimha swamy are worshipped on Singha Sankraman day. Next Sankraman is Kanya Sankraman day during which Sun transits to Kanya raasi (Virgo zodiac).

In Vishnumurthy temple located at Kulai near Mangalore celebrates Simha Sankraman with utmost devotion. On Simha Sankramana Narikela Abhishekha (holy bath with tender coconut water), Appada Pooja to Ganapati, and Hoovina Pooja to Lord Vishnumurthy are performed. Everyday special pujas are offered to Lord Vishnunurthy from the day of Simha Sankramana to Kanya Sankramana. Many other temples of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh consider this auspicious day as a festival.

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