Silappathikaram | Cilappatikaram | Silappatikaram

Silappathikaram (Cilappatikaram / Silappatikaram) is an ancient poem which contains the sad story of Ma Kannaki, and this wonderful epic was mentioned in the ancient Sangam literature which was believed to have been written during the 6th century AD. This wonderful text was written by Sri Ilango Adigal, who was believed to be a Jain Monk, and he was also the brother of the Chera king Chenkuttuvan.

In the ancient Chola Kingdom, there lived a beautiful, chaste and pious woman Kannaki along with her husband Kovalan who showered their love and affection over each other. However, in course of time, Kovalan met Madhavi – a dancer, felt love on her, leaving his worried wife Kannaki alone, and also he spends lot of money in order to satisfy his new lover Madhavi. Though Kannaki was in a desperate condition, yet being a chaste woman, she waits for her husband, with the hope, that at one point of time, he would join with her. Likewise, Kovalan had soon realised that his wife Kannagi is far better than Madhavi with regard in showering her true love on him, and he joined with his wife Kannagi.

Kannagi and Kovalan then travelled to Madurai, which was then the capital of the Pandya kingdom. At that time, Kovalan suffered from poverty, but Kannagi motivates her husband to re-establish the business which he has left some time back, and also gave one of her anklets, in order to make him to sell it in the market for raising the capital for starting a new business. Kovalan sells it to a local merchant, but the merchant mistakes him as a thief and suspects him that he has stolen the anklet from the queen. The king arrests Kovalan and then executes him, without making a proper enquiry.

When Kovalan does not return home, Kannagi searched for him. Then she has understood about the tragic incident. She then proved Kovalan’s innocence by throwing in the court, the other jewelled anklet of the pair. The king accepts his mistake. But due to severe mental pain, Kannagi cursed the king and also the people of Madurai, and destroyed the king and the entire Madurai City through her chastity, purity and ability. After that, she has become a powerful mother goddess, and came to be known as MA KANNAGI AMMAN, and a temple was also built for her in today’s Kerala City, and also in few more places in India. Still now devotees used to worship her, in order to lead a happy and a prosperous married life, and regular pujas are also being done at the temples meant for her.


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