Significance of Navaratri Alankarams of Durga Mata

Navaratri Navadurga Navadevi

Navaratri Navadurga Navadevi

What is the Significance of Navaratri Alankarams of Durga Mata? Why Goddess Durga worshipped in nine different forms on each day of Navaratri?

A quote cited by Devi in Sri Devi Mahatmyam says “Ekaivaaham jagatyatra dviteeya kaa mamaaparaa” (I am the only eternal power in the world and none else the second). Therefore all these different Alankaras and Avataras are of Jaganmaata only.

That Jaganmaata takes the form of Saraswati and bestows education and knowledge, takes the form of Mahalakshmi and gives wealth, food, etc., and takes the form of Mahakaali (Chamundi) during the time of destruction of evil minded people, takes the form of Durga Parameshwari to make her devotees to get rid of all the fear.

The Goddess safeguards her devotees through different names and forms. Though the forms and names of Jagadamba are numerous, the spirit is the same. Such a great philosophical truth is there in the process of making different Alankaras to Devi.

As mentioned in the official website of Sringeri Sharada Peetham.

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